Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids: Are they for me?

If hearing improvement is recommended, the next step is often hearing aids. It’s important to approach hearing aid fitting with a positive attitude and an open mind.

Clarity fits DIGITAL hearing aids. Digital hearing aids became available in the late 1990s and continue to be the state of the art. Digital hearing aids are miniature computers capable of providing sophisticated processing of incoming sound by sampling the environment and simultaneously adjusting multiple modifications of the signal at the same time. Some of the automatic adjustments include adjusting gain or loudness, adjusting microphones for optimal sound pick-up, adjusting to reduce background noise, and adjusting to reduce squeal or feedback. The hearing aids can communicate with each other and are constantly sampling and adjusting to provide the best possible sound quality and hearing for the user.

Digital hearing aids are programmed for individual users and must be adjusted based on ear size and user preferences. Hearing aids can be reprogrammed to accommodate changes in hearing that occur over time.

New advancements in hearing technology are ongoing. Currently, hearing aids can also be set to connect with mobile phones and many other devices. Clarity works with many hearing aid companies, and we strive to fit the best possible solution for each patient we see. As a multi-line dispenser, we can offer the best technology available from leading manufactures. We fit hearing aids from Oticon, Phonak, Signia (formerly Siemens), Starkey, Widex, and other leading manufacturers.

Obtaining a Hearing Aid at Clarity

  • Get started by calling Clarity at 864-331-1400 and schedule an appointment for a hearing evaluation. You will be evaluated by one of our licensed audiologists. You will be asked for information about your history of hearing and general health, your hearing and word understanding will be measured, and the results will be explained to you.
  • Decide on the style and model of hearing aids that you would like to order. Your Clarity audiologist will help you decide on the manufacturer and model of hearing aid based on your individual needs. You may be able to try the hearing aids in the office. If you are accompanied by a family member or friend, it will give you an opportunity to listen to a familiar voice and get a better idea of the potential for hearing improvement.
  • Hearing aid orders are placed when YOU are ready, but typically soon after your evaluation or demonstration. Financing is available. Your fitting appointment is usually one to three weeks from the time the order is placed.
  • First Fit Appointment: A new hearing aid orientation is a one-hour appointment. Wearing new hearing aids is a new experience (even for previous users) and our goal is for you to have sufficient time to experience the new sound and to become comfortable with operation and adjustment of the hearing aids. Having a family member or friend to accompany you to this appointment can be helpful to help remember the operation instructions.
  • Follow-up: One to two weeks after your first fit, we will see you for your first follow-up appointment. This is a time for us to discuss how improved hearing has impacted daily living and is also an opportunity to fine-tune for any concerns. Other follow-up appointments are scheduled as necessary to achieve the best results. Once you are comfortable and successful with hearing aid use, we recommend six month follow-up appointments to allow us to clean, check, and make sure you are continuing on a successful path.
  • 30 Day Return Privilege: All hearing aids purchased from Clarity may be returned for refund. There is a restocking fee, and any custom parts cannot be refunded. During the initial 30 days, it is also possible to exchange the hearing aids for a different style. Our goal is your satisfaction.

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