Hearing & Audiology

We provide comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid sales, fitting, and follow-up services for the most advanced digital hearing aids available.

Perhaps you have a child who is frustrated at not being able to tell you what he needs, or what a fun day he had at school. Perhaps its more difficult than it used to be to understand what your partner is saying or the laughter of your family irritates you because you think they may be laughing about you! Perhaps you are a student and are having difficulty keeping up in class no matter how hard you work.

Now, imagine your relief at finding Clarity, a place to help you or your loved ones. Clarity’s licensed clinicians provide hearing & audiology assessment and treatment to people of all ages.

Please call (864-331-1400) or email (info@clarityupstate.org) Clarity today.

Community Partner

Center for Developmental Services

Clarity has been located at the Center for Developmental Services (CDS) in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC since April of 2000.  CDS is an umbrella organization that provides a place for a network of independent organizations to serve to children and adults with special needs under one roof. This allows children and adults with special needs and their families a single location to find all the services they need. CDS also helps the community learn more about developmental services and how to get involved. For more information about the Center for Developmental Services, visit their website, www.cdservices.org.



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