Clarity Team

  • Katharine Broach

    Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Beth Casman

    Business Office Manager

    Beth enjoys helping make sure our clients realize their potential and improve their quality of life.

  • Maggie Childress

    MS, CF-SLP
    Speech-Language Pathologist Clinical Fellow

  • Nicole Childress

    Operations Specialist

  • Carol Crane

    Licensed Psychologist

    Carol enjoys neuropsychological assessment of individuals across the lifespan, children through adults.

  • Chase Ehrlich

    MS, CF-SLP
    Speech-Language Pathologist Clinical Fellow

  • Terri Fulton

    Director of Speech and Language
    Speech-Language Pathologist

    Terri loves to work with children and adults to provide better, more functional communication.

  • Melanie Hall

    Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Robin Heitman

    M.A., CCC-A

    Robin enjoys helping patients to understand hearing challenges and assisting them to reach their full potential.

  • Holly Hurley

    M.S., CCC-A, F.A.A.A.
    Director of Audiology Services

    Holly loves being challenged everyday to provide the best possible hearing solutions.

  • Lina Loaiza

    Spanish Interpreter
    Operations Specialist

  • Abigail Zender Martin

    MA, ATR, LPC
    Registered Art Therapist
    Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Andrea Payment

    Director of Development and Communications

  • Malorie Schumann

    Director of Operations

    Malorie loves helping to make sure children and adults receive the services they need to be successful.

  • Elizabeth Shands

    PhD, HSP
    Executive Director
    Licensed Psychologist
    Certified School Psychologist III

    Liz specializes in evaluation of neurodevelopmental disorders.

  • Julia Theiszmann

    Clinical Social Worker

    Julia is excited to support Clarity’s clients and help give them the tools they need to thrive.

  • Megan Trask

    PhD, HSP
    Director of Psychology and Counseling
    Licensed Psychologist

    Dr. Trask enjoys guiding clients towards overcoming challenges.

  • Sally Whitson

    M.S., CCC-A

    Sally is proud to help empower patients to achieve best possible outcomes.

  • Tamille Williams

    BS, SLPA
    Speech Language Pathologist Assistant

  • Courtney Woodruff

    MA, LPC
    Licensed Professional Counselor

    Courtney specializes in working with individuals with ASD and behavioral concerns.

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