Clarity Revitalizes Mobile Preschool Screening Program through grant awarded from the Margaret Linder Southern Endowment Fund

Clarity: The Speech, Hearing, and Learning Center is a proud recipient of the 2018 Margaret Linder Southern Endowment Fund. The Margaret Linder Southern Endowment established with the Community Foundation of Greenville supports – early childhood education, special education for children and youth, and the humane treatment of animals. The funds awarded allows for the purchase of updated assessment equipment that will identify hearing loss and/or speech/language delays in pre-school aged children.

Clarity’s providers know that early Identification of hearing loss and/or speech/language delays is essential to improving long-term developmental outcomes. Clarity plans to offer screenings free of charge to area preschools, daycares, and HeadStart programs.  These screenings will immediately provide parents with results, and those children who are identified as needing services will be made aware of services available through BabyNet (under age 3) and Child Find (age 3 and up). The Margaret Linder Southern Endowment Fund will also make it possible for us to increase our pre-school screening capacity. Clarity plans to screen at least 750 pre-schoolers throughout 2018.

Clarity is grateful for the legacy that Margret Southern left for our community. Because of Mrs. Southern’s generosity, agencies like Clarity are able to provide top-notch care to pre-schoolers in Greenville and make certain that they have a foundation for a successful future.

Clarity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit provider of evaluation and treatment for hearing, speech, and learning and developmental disorders in children and adults. The agency is a partner of the Center for Developmental Services in downtown Greenville.

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